Welcome to everything is nature

The name everything is nature comes from something my niece Anna wrote to me in a homemade card. I thought it was so philosophical for a 7-year-old, and it’s so true.

For Earth Day 2015, I decided to give a little gift to the planet by starting my own little magazine in honor of life on Earth. The things I love the most – wild and domestic creatures, salt and sea, terrestrial wonders, basically everything under the sun – will be chronicled here. My goal is to share my discoveries and inspire others to learn about natural history and culture. I’ll try to give resources for taking action too.

I’m not an expert or a guru; these are just things that are important to me that I want to share. Hopefully readers can find inspiration in some of it. These articles are for all adults and kids who are curious about finding their place in the world and learning how they can make a positive impact on it, even if only by raising consciousness. Also, you’ll see some cool images, some insight into my life as a journalist, and some of the things I totally geek out over.

Have fun!

-Dana Poblete


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