This Baby Needs Help

I have this new friend at the Kitten Rescue, and he’s too young to even have a name yet. He’s sick right now with aspiration pneumonia (a bacterial lung infection), and a pericardial hernia. Right now he’s at VCA West LA in an incubator, on oxygen and antibiotics, with an IV catheter in his jugular. He needs surgery for the hernia, but first he needs to recover from pneumonia and grow to two pounds. Please send good vibes to my little buddy. His mama and baby siblings are home at the Kitten Rescue waiting for him. You can watch them here. And if you’d like, you can donate here. Thanks!

P.S. You will get up close and personal with these babies and their awesome mom really soon, right here. Stay tuned.

UPDATE from Kitten Rescue: “It is with great sadness that I must tell you that, after three days of critical care at VCA West LA, our brave little Tucker went into major respiratory distress and was suffocating from the fluid buildup in his lungs. Even on maximum oxygen he was cyanotic and the only way to keep him alive would be to intubate him, but even then it would only be prolonging the inevitable because of how full of fluid his lungs were. So we had to make the sad but necessary decision to let him go and end his suffering.”


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