9 Things to Read, Watch, Hear on World Water Day

Every day should be World Water Day. In a time when so many things are uncertain about our world water supply, the health of our reefs and oceans, and the well-being of coastal communities in developing countries, it’s so important to remember the fundamental truth that Water Is Life. Here’s a collection of inspiration to stay connected to our No. 1 life-giving resource.

1) Never forget about Flint. (HuffPost)

2) In fact, Flint’s water crisis was 150 years in the making. (Pacific Standard)

3) John Green’s Crash Course in how environmental changes and poor water control systems took down holy lords and led to the collapse of classical civilizations like the Maya and the Khmer. (Crash Course World History)

4) What you need to know about the paradox of water scarcity and excess water around the world. (National Geographic)

5) Being socially conscious and responsible as a tourist has never not been important. If you’ve never questioned your impact on the places you visit, it’s time to start. This article poses the question: Is it ethical to holiday in water-starved countries? Plus, how you can actually do the right things. (Independent)

6) I love island women / women of color reclaiming their place in the sea.

7) A very important untold story, especially if you live in Los Angeles. Indigenous Paiute tribe members share the history of their deep connection to the waters of their homeland in the Owens Valley and over 100 years of fighting for their water rights. (Arid Journal)

8) Take a soundbath and meditate to shamanic drumming and koshi bells. So vibey.

9) Maybe consider this for a mantra while you’re at it: Be water.




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